Quality, Health, Safety, And Environment

We have well articulated and practicable Health Safety and Environment (HSE) programmes, enforced by our top management exemplary attitude towards the safety programmes.


We pay proper attention to protecting and improving the working environment by facilitating placement and ensuring the suitability of individuals according to their physical capacity, mental abilities and emotional make-ups, in works that degree of efficiency and without endangering their own health and safety or that of their fellow employees.


TITAN provides comprehensive (HSE) training to all levels of management with aim at getting all to perform their assigned responsibilities and duties in safety manner.

We do not only provide necessary Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to all staff against accident and for survival in times of emergency, we also motivate our staff with incentives that will promote safety and safeguard our environment.


In TITAN ENERGY we have established the tradition that demands our standard in every facet of our business relationship meets the industry’s standards.

TITAN is a concerned and caring Oil and Gas Servicing Company. We carry all our business activities in a; “Safety for all” philosophy, hence we continuously work to enhance safety and protection of our client, projects and properties. Workers and equipment, third parties and environment.


We are committed to safeguarding the environment and are fully aware of our corporate and individual responsibilities. Our environmental management system has been the key element in the planning and execution of our contracts.

As our corporate policy we develop good working relationship with the people in whose environment we work in, we also demonstrate that we are reliable and responsible corporate citizen.

We deliver all times the right standard of quality health, safety and environmental care to meet the contract specifications and industry’s standard.